You’ll Never Regret Being Kind

Kindness is something that I think they world is lacking.
Notice I didn’t say ‘these days’. Unfortunately the world has been lacking in kindness ever since the dawn of man; whether because kindness technically didn’t exist yet because Adam and Eve had not experienced cruelty and therefore didn’t really know Kindness, or because the selfish nature of the mortal human makes choosing kindness difficult. Kindness has always been in short supply. I have noticed that others are speaking up about their realizing that the world could use a little more kindness, and they have some pretty great things to say on the matter. So I’ll let them. I’m hear to talk about that phrase, ‘You’ll never regret being kind’.

Maybe I’m just a truly horrible person but I do regret being kind to certain people. I can see some faces going “*le gasp!* How could anyone say such a thing?”, but I can also see people nodding their heads going “Preach it sister.” and I honestly find myself doing both those things. There have been people in my life that have turned out to be toxic, mean spirited, abusive, and/or horrible to either myself or those I love; and I find myself getting angry that I spent the time and energy being kind to them.

The part of me that is angry about it, is generally the part of me that just doesn’t have the emotional or mental energy to spend on other people. It’s the part of me that portions out the caring and/or compassion I have to spend on someone for the day that often times ends up scraping off bits and pieces from tomorrow’s portion and ends up leaving me destroyed the next day. That angry part is the part that tries to rationalize and prepare me for how much I can give of myself before I over extend and reach too far and take the risk of lashing out and hurting someone because I’ve used all I’ve got to give for a couple of days already.

People say when you’re dealing with depression or any other mental illness, not to over extend yourself. People say they understand that you’re dealing with heavy stuff and you don’t have to worry about what they’ll think if you have to shut down for a while. And then everyone turns right back around, hands you more than you can carry and then gets mad at you for not living up to their expectations of what they think you should be able to handle. And then when you call them out and remind them what’s going on with you, you’re suddenly a lazy good-for-nothing who just doesn’t want to be helpful or do anything. You must not like them because you don’t want to push yourself past the bring to help someone else with their problem. Worse if you do push yourself to far and then have to recuperate for a week, you’re avoiding them and spending too much time in bed.

So yes, I regret being kind to people so, so often. Why am I hurting myself just so someone can turn around and also hurt me? Makes me want to not be nice to anyone ever again.
But, that’s the selfish nature of man.

The other part of me that is shocked by my regret, is the part that knows how it feels when people are unkind to me. Maybe I make too much out of little things, the folly of woman, but little things hurt. We all of us try to pretend we aren’t bothered by snide comments, mean words or looks, or outright bullying; and when we come across someone who cannot handle these things we judge them weak and are furthermore unkind toward them.
Think about that for a minute and you’ll know that you’ve fallen victim to that kind of thinking at least once in your life. (Probably more than once)

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people all around this globe who profess to be followers of Jesus the Christ. These days the word follower has lost a lot of it’s significance with the invention of social media, but it used to mean something more than just looking at what someone else is doing when they are doing it. A follower used to be someone who does what someone they admire does so that they can be like them. Now everyone is so obsessed with being special and unique that if someone tries to be like someone else they are attacked, usually by the very same people they are trying to be like.
Thankfully Jesus isn’t going to attack you for trying to be more like him. He said to people all over his world, “Come follow me.” and told them to use him for their example of how to be.

I don’t have a lot of experience with non-christian churches. Even when I went outside of my specific belief group to go to church with my friends, they were still Christians; so to say that everyone believes in being kind to others would be a statement I don’t think I can back up with evidence. At least not with the type of evidence the conviction of one’s religion should bestow.
Going back to the hundreds of thousands of people who are Christian, they should all be trying to be kind. Myself included. No one said following Christ was going to be easy. There will be days upon days that things are hard: people will be mean, you’ll loose your job, someone will die, you’ll stub your toe (maybe break it!), your hair will look a mess, your kids will go crazy, and countless other things. While I find myself now, regretting being kind to someone who turned out to be a jerk, I think the point is to get to the end of your life and be able to look back and say to yourself, “Thank goodness I did my best to be more like Jesus than like that jerk I knew in second grade. I was happier in the long run.”

Don’t be kind because other people deserve it, be kind because you deserve it. You deserve the drama free life being kind has a tendency to create. You deserve the peace that comes with knowing you created a bit of happiness while others where creating sadness.

I’ve rambled long enough, thank you Pinterest for the interesting things you show me. Let me share this with you in return.beKind


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